Oracle Offices


Sep. 2010 - 7.000 m²

Oracle Romania S.R.L.

2nd district, Bucharest

Offices with a total area of 7000 m² for the international company Oracle in the Nusco Tower Building, Bucharest. The ventilation was executed using fan coils for offices and professional monosplit systems for server-rooms; the building is equipped with an electric generator and BMS, as well as with smoke detection and fire control systems using sprinklers and drenchers.

“Lumina Verde” Offices


Nov. 2011 - 5.000 m²

County Council

Ploieşti, Prahova

After a careful analysis, several solutions for using unconventional energy sources were chosen, such as heat pumps, photovoltaic cells and solar screens. The air conditioning was set up with air-handling heaters, cooling beams and underfloor heating systems.

Offices and Data Center


Iun. 2011 - 3.800 m²


4th district, Bucharest

This project was considered a true challenge due to the limited time provided for the design and sketch details and also because of the high level of difficulty resulting from the multiple alterations that had been performed on the building's initial installations. As a result of the detailed sketch, we proposed upgrading the entire air conditioning, plumbing and fire safety systems, as well as a systematization of the electrical pannels which were installed subsequently (a total of over 60 pieces).

3D Terrace sketch


Oct. 2010 - 6.000 m²

D&T Constructii si Instalatii SRL

Voluntari, Ilfov

The installations contractor demanded a remake of the technical project in order to point out the status of the installations found on the terrace of the 5 components of the Swan Park Office Buildings. The As Built Project was fully executed in detailed 3D, following the format of the initial designer.

The Neni Group Offices


May 2011 - 430 m²

Neni Group S.A.

6th district, Bucharest

The Open Space-type area was sectioned according to the demands of the new beneficiary and the fan coil air-conditioning was also adapted to the same specifications. We created a 500 lx lighting level and we introduced floor outlets with normal and secured sockets, as well as voice-data for the new office configuration.

Big Shop - Bamboo


Iun. 2010 - 2000 m²

Unirea Shopping Center S.A.

3rd district, Bucharest

Showroom with a total area of 2000 m², located in Unirea Shopping Center, Calaraşi Wing, for the Lee Cooper and Bamboo shops. As a result of the redesign, the fan coil air-conditioning network was optimized and the lighting, the strong current and sound systems were completely rebuilt.

Hondos Afi-Palace Store


Sep. 2009 - 1.350 m²

Hondos Center Rom S.R.L.

6th district, Bucharest

Cosmetics store with a total area of 1350 m², located in Mall Afi Palace in Bucharest. We introduced a fresh air-venting system for clearing the air inside and the electrical wiring was designed to power all the presentation elements, following the special requests of the contractor. The shop was moved to a different location and replaced by the new Flanco store.

Adidas Store


Iun. 2010 - 350 m²

Adidas Romania S.R.L.

4th district, Bucharest

Two Adidas stores were built, in Bucharest and Arad (230 mp), following the demands of the beneficiary. The accent lighting was significantly increased and the ventilation in the Malls modified in order to successfully handle the heat generated by the newly installed lights.

Flanco Store


Iul. 2011 - 1.350 m²

Flanco Retail S.A.

6th district, Bucharest

Modifications were done to the closed-loop heat pump ventilation system, using the water provided by the commercial complex, in order to make full use of the newly partitioned surface of the shop. The lighting was raised to the level demanded by the beneficiary.

Professional Kitchen


Aug. 2010 - 80 m²

Unilever Romania S.A.

Băneasa, Bucharest

The kitchen is fully electric, with an installed power of over 60 kW. A professional kitchen hood, equipped with cooled air for compensation, ensures the evacuation of the hot air from the preparation area. The ventilation system of the building was adapted to the new architecture of the space.

Appartment building


Aug. 2010 - 1350 m²

Arcwell Development Intl. S.R.L.

Bragadiru, Ilfov

Appartment building with a total area of 1350 m², near Bucharest, in the Bragadiru commune. The appartments have wall-mounted heat pumps and radiators. The drinking water is filtered from a well and the sewage collected by a wastewater treatment plant.

Single Family House


Apr. 2011 - 600 m²


Stoenești, Giurgiu

The house was equipped with a VRF air-venting system with fresh air input and underfloor heating, as well as floor convectors in front of the parapet-free windows. The use of led-powered lighting was suggested in order to reduce energy consumption and, beside the regular heating source, solar panels covering 60% of the summer hot water consumption were installed.

Single Family House


Apr. 2011 - 500 m²


Corbeanca, Ilfov

We chose a heating solution using CLU (light oil), with a 3.5 mc buried tank, which ensures independance throughout the entire heating period. As an alternative, heat can also be produced with the VRF venting system which is functional down to the limit of -20°C. The drinking water passing through the hydrophore pump is brought from a well dug in the yard.

Single Family House


Iul. 2011 - 230 m²


Popeşti-Leordeni, Ilfov

Considering the limited financial resources and the access to natural gas, we decided on a classical heating solution, using panel-type steel radiators and a wall-mounted heat pump. The cooling is done using wall monosplit-type units, resulting a regular but effectively comfortable microclimate.

Med-As Unirea Clinic


Mar. 2010 - 2.100 m²

Unirea Shopping Center S.A.

3rd district, Bucharest

Medical center, with a total area of 2100 m², located in the underground of a multi-level parking. The space is equipped with a high-efficiency ventilation using VRF systems, heat recovery and fresh air induction. The installed power for normal consumers is of over 450 kW and of 25 kW for vital consumers. A sprinkler system is used for fire detection and extinction.

Baby Spa


Sep. 2011 - 3.000 m²

Wellness Plus S.R.L.

1st district, Bucharest

Recreation building, featuring a baby pool, fitness room and sauna, fully air-conditioned with a VRV system and heat recovery for the pool area. For increased efficiency, the lighting uses led-based lamps. For emergency situations, an electric generator able to power the entire building is available.

Dumatrucks Hall


Ian. 2009 - 2800m²

Dumatrucks S.R.L.

A1 Bucureşti-Piteşti, Km 23+700

Newly built office building and auto service, for Renault Dumatrucks car dealer. Cooling is done with a chiller and a fan coil system. The same fan coil system receives the heating signal from a condensing boiler. The heating in the hall uses gas radiant panels and fire protection is ensured by interior and exterior hydrants.

Tent Manufacturing Hall


Iun. 2010 - 350m²

Suncovertent S.R.L.

Ciolpani, Ilfov

Tent manufacturing and storage hall for the Suncovertent Company, with a total area of 350 m². Air-conditioned office and production spaces. Water supply assured by a well; a wastewater treatment plant is used for sewerage collection.

"Trivale" Sports Hall


Nov. 2010 - 1.000 m²

Sports & Youth County Dept.

Piteşti, Argeş

The hall was upgraded by installing lighting pieces protected from mechanical shocks, offering it the powerful lighting needed to be included on the lists for nationally televised competitions. The electric panel was completely changed, in order to provide a centralized control for the lighting of the entire building.

Sports Hall


Aug. 2011 - 500 m²


Jilava, Ilfov

The building's heating is ensured by its own central heating system, using a gas floor boiler of 58 kw, pumps, distributors / collectors and a coil storage tank of 500 liters for domestic hot water consumption. The installed electric power is of over 60 kW. In order to ensure protection against indirect electric touch, we have installed a ground socket connection to the foundation.

Greenhouses & Hall


Apr. 2011 - 25.000 m²

Garden Center Grup S.R.L.

Conțești, Dâmbovița

Project funded through the FEADR program (European funds). Out of the total of 54 greenhouses, 10 are equipped with irrigation systems and they are heated with fuel gas blowers of 1 MW. The hall attached to the greenhouses, designed for offices and storage, is equipped with all the appropriate utilities.

Halls, Bird Farms


Apr. 2011 - 8.500 m²

Avigal S.R.L.

Mediaş, Sibiu

The modernization and rehabilitation of a bird farm composed of 5 halls and a sorting station in Mediaş, near Sibiu. The total electrical power installed is of over 120 kW / 380 V. Each hall is protected from atmospheric discharges with Prevectron-type lightning protection systems, connected to the metal structure with separation parts.

Peanuts Storage Hall


Mar. 2011 - 900 m²

Gold Label Com S.R.L.

Cernica, Ilfov

The hall, designed for the storage of cocoa and peanuts, was equipped with a fire extinction installation using interior and exterior hydrants. The external hydrants use water pumps to fuel up from a 100mc water reserve, which provides a long extinction action in the event of a fire.

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