building services design

H & D Cons - A renowned company in the system design field, alongside which we are proud to have completed such projects as two Carrefour hypermarkets, a residential complex and a biology research facility in Bucharest.


Brundt Group - A team of professionals who manage to successfully cover several areas of expertise, providing a wide range of design services, such as consulting and interior setup, as well as paint jobs, wiring or innovative interior design services.

architectural services

CUB Architecture - an office which specializes in customized projects, fitted on the individual needs of our partners. Whether you need to design residential spaces (houses, villas, residential complexes), commercial spaces (office buildings, commercial centers), industrial spaces (warehouses and production spaces, projects financed with European funds) or to set up office spaces (office planning) and interior design, the CUB team will promptly provide the needed solutions.

JSA Romania - a subsidiary of the James Smyth Architects Ireland Company, with over 25 years of experience in architectural design, which has built up an impressive portofolio of large projects covering a wide range of functions - residential centers, office buildings, logistic parks, hotel development, educational and recreational programs.

Architectural Design - if your investment includes the construction or modification of a structure, the setup of an interior space, the planning of an area or batching, we are able to fully cover the first step towards your goal - the design.

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